Joel Stoner graduated from Berklee College of Music (Suma Cum Laude) in 1986 with a BA in Music Production and Engineering, with a double major in Arranging. While there, he worked as Supervisor of Electronic Maintenance for the 6 studios, many of which he also worked on the team that did the initial installation. Joel studied and plays Flute, Bass, Piano, Drums, and can fake it on Guitar for just a few minutes.

After college, Joel drove across the country to Los Angeles, and started as an assistant engineer, and soon became the lead house engineer at The Enterprise in Burbank. While Joel was there, the studio grew from a 1 room “OK” facility to a 6 room, state of the art, leading studio in Los Angeles.

While there, and as he transitioned to an independent engineer, Joel worked in over 100 studios around Los Angeles, on a huge variety of projects, ranging from film & TV soundtracks, countless commercials, many rock, pop, and jazz albums, and received multi-platinum and golden reel awards.

In his travels, he noticed that there was no standardized “studio management software”, so he created Studio Suite in 1997 and formed AlterMedia as the company that would shepherd the the product into existence, and eventually into leading facilities in over 55 countries.

Joel sold Studio Suite to Adatasol, a software development company based in Cleveland, in April 2019, and is actively looking for exciting new projects to pursue!

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